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Cowboy Mouth by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith

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March 2014


Sterling Studio Theatre [Sterling/Dundas]

Featuring Canadian Idol star Oliver Pigott, the play delved into the captivating relationship between music legends Patti Smith and Sam Shepard. With original music composed by Oliver Pigott and choreographed movements by Danka Scepanovic, the production took audiences on a mesmerizing journey. Set against a backdrop adorned with vinyl records as wallpaper and a motel reminiscent of the Chelsea Hotel,
the show created an immersive experience, transporting attendees into a universe that oscillated between the realms of Rock God Heaven and Hell.

ISTVAN DUGALIN -Reviewer: 'Dark sensuality and rock n’ roll light up Sterling Studio Theatre for Cowboy Mouth in Toronto. Director Sophie Ann Rooney has crafted a messy and awkward environment that is both familiar and viscerally thrilling. I’ve grown so attached to the Sterling Studio Theatre that I often feel a pang of jealousy whenever someone else is assigned to cover a show. As is right and proper (ahem), I was able to see the opening of Cowboy Mouth. With a beer in my hand, snuggled up against the exposed brick of the venue, I enjoyed my fifth show at this intimate space.As an introduction to the play, and in support of local indie musicians, the evening begins with an opening act—a new one featured for each performance. Last night, I was treated to an acoustic guitar set by JJ Thompson. It was an enjoyable mix of covers and original work, and a thematically perfect prelude to Sam Shepard and Patti Smith’s raunchy one-act about two dysfunctional rock n’ rollers—Slim and Cavale."

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