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Burn This by Lanford Wilson

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April 13th-19th 2014


Sterling Studio Theatre [Sterling/Dundas]

Catherine O'Brien REVIEWER: 'Having read the play several years ago, I was stunned when I walked into the studio space to see it so completely and beautifully transformed. Everything had such an industrial quality to it that one really felt as though you could be in a real Manhattan apartment. It was stark and cozy all at once....Dozens of mason jar lanterns hung from the ceiling all over the room. And, in fact, it was these that provided most of the lighting for the production. Visually, this play didn’t leave any detail unattended. The world that director Sophie Ann Rooney successfully created was very alluring.'

The artistic design was illuminated by candles, accompanied by a live cellist scoring the poignant backdrop of Anna and Pale's grief-stricken love story. Ashleigh Rains' ballet performance, suspended on a swing from the ceiling of STC, added a unique and ethereal dimension to the production. Despite its challenging themes, the play was brought to life in the intimate setting of New York loft, transporting audiences. Those fortunate enough to witness the performances were treated to a truly unforgettable experience.

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