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Danny and the deep blue sea by John Patrick Shanley

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Sept 12-22, 2012


Sterling Studio Theatre [Sterling/Dundas]

Mara Gulens REVIEWER: 'Nelson and Smith put forth passionate characters, with convincing Bronx accents and a solid sense of where they’re coming from. Yes, it’s a scary world out there. But just as scary are the things going on in our heads.'

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea was the second Shanley play Sophie Ann Rooney directed in Canada, the first Beggars in the House of Plenty at Vancouver's Evolving Arts Collective in 2009 which forged a life-long friendship and collaboration between the director and playwright. This production was very heartfelt, quiet and was the inaugural show for STC. Still remembered by those who were in the audience until this day for it's truth and authenticity!

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