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Where's My Money by John Patrick Shanley

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October, 2013


Sterling Studio Theatre [Sterling/Dundad]

Mooney on Theatre REVIEWER: 'Emily Coutts’s portrayal of Celeste is both funny and heartbreaking...Jodi Sprung-Boyd [director] has maintained a constant tension with staging that is restrained yet vibrant. Even the presence of the un-dead characters seems weirdly honest because of understated action and subtle make-up. “What is marriage?” one character asks at the end of the play. It is a question that goes bump in the night. On the way home, my thoughts drifted to my own relationship history… and it went Boo! Top-notch writing, insightful performances, and a deliciously spooky ghost story make this one hell of a show."

Where's My Money" by John Patrick Shanley is a compelling drama that explores trust, betrayal, and the quest for meaning in contemporary relationships. Set in New York City, the play resonates with audiences by unraveling the complexities of love and fidelity in today's fragmented society. Through the intertwined stories of two couples, Shanley examines the fragile nature of human connections and the consequences of infidelity, forcing audiences to confront uncomfortable truths about modern romance.

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